Graped Out
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“let’s get graped”


About us

Seven years ago I didn't know the difference between a cabernet sauvignon and a sauvignon blanc. It has been my vision to be able to to create something where those who were like me could learn in a space that embraces that exact feeling of curiosity. Hence Graped Out, it is a series of wine tasting pop ups. Providing tastings that are based around food, live music and local art. It is our goal to intersect the three in order to deliver a transcending feeling that approaches all feeling and senses. 



We see the importance of pushing forward the idea of wine being for the people and by the people. We demonstrate this by offering non-traditional learning experiences that engages in an interactive and eccentric way, leave your "boujee" at the door!


our mission

tO turn your average night in to an experience that you will never forget.